About us

UNICARE is the Global Union for the private care sector and social insurance industry. We represent two million care workers in more than 60 countries worldwide. 

Private care is growing internationally at an incredible rate making it a critical sector of the service economy. The increase in aging populations, the financial demands on working families, which require both parents to be employed full-time outside the home, the reliance by governments to look to the private sector to play an increasingly important role in this industry, and the emergence of for-profit providers (including multinational providers) of care services, is changing care work rapidly.  All of these factors contribute to creating new markets and new workplaces. 

Adequate social insurance and care are basic rights, and are essential to our communities. They are especially important to society's most vulnerable - the elderly, young children and those in medical need. Ultimately the health and well-being of our families and parents, along with the education and protection of our children, are in the hands of those who work tirelessly providing these vital services and ensuring our most vulnerable are cared for.

Yet this work is characterised by low wages, inadequate training, and impoverished working conditions. Atomised workplaces, such as private homes, combined with individual contract and voucher systems, are creating an isolated workforce and poor safety. Short sighted, cost driven decisions are proving bad for workers and bad for communities.

Care workers and their unions and communities can change that – by building power and coordinating our efforts. The common challenges we face bring us common strength, determination and strategies to take on the changing world around us.  This is what UNICARE affiliates worldwide are doing: getting together, before it is too late, to build a better care sector, and to win better work and better lives for private care workers internationally.  

UNI encourages all affiliate unions, or those interested in affiliating, to join us. For more information, please contact adrian.durtschi@uniglobalunion.org   

Care includes:

  • Private administration of all social services and social insurance
  • Early childhood education and care work
  • Private health, hospitals, laboratories, medical & dental work
  • Nursing home, domestic work, private in-home care, or other services for the elderly or disabled
  • Private or community mental health & social work
  • Ambulatory services