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UNI Graphical & Packaging is the global union for over 800,000 members from over 150 trade unions throughout the world.

The graphical and packaging industries consists of a diverse range of sectors including newspapers and general printing, security printing (banknotes, credit cards, passports, smart cards etc), digital printing, publishing, graphic design and multimedia, cardboard, plastic and flexible packaging. 

Since the invention of the printing press and movable type over 600 years ago, the graphical industry has been the cornerstone of disseminating information and knowledge and has been a key instrument in the development of society.

The continual development of technology and the rapid advancements in communications has meant significant changes to the working lives of men and women in the industry. Packaging industry is growing. Technology brings new opportunities to the industry like electronic printing, digital printing, digital publishing etc.

Graphical and packaging affiliates throughout the world have adapted to these changes and are continuing to meet the challenges on behalf of our members.

Through UNI Graphical & Packaging, dedicated organising teams and strong networks in multinational companies are being developed to enable workers throughout the world to work together to maintain and improve their standard of living and to ensure workers’ rights are respected.


UNI Graphical & Packaging held its 4th Global Conference in Istanbul on 8-9 June 2015 and set its future strategy as "Organising, Empowering workers, Turning The Tide" for a better world. The strategy bases on four key elements:

  • Organising within Global Companies
  • Holding Corporations accountable
  • Support for organising campaigns and capacity development
  • A dynamic and aligned union structure.

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