Cleaning / Security

UNI affiliated unions are campaigning across the world to build union power and to improve the lives of workers in the cleaning and security sectors. This section of our web page contains documents that have been used in organizing campaigns and in training meetings for union organizers. The elements of an organizing campaign require planning and resources, but they also require strategy and accountability. These documents, we hope, will help to assist you in your campaigns. Included are the following:

  • Campaign plan template, like a check list and a reminder of all the things you must have in place in every campaign.
  • Debriefing for leads and organizers, constant debriefing of those involved in the campaign is crucial to developing and sustaining the campaign, this document provides guidance on good practices.
  • PS power point on our current Global Agreements and those we are still pursuing.
  • Weekly Report template, developed by UNI for all organizing campaigns, it reflects "best practices" in our sector; we encourage all affiliates to use it.
  • Issue Based Campaign Powerpoint, all organizing needs issues raised by the workers themselves, we use issues to build the union. This document provides guidance on this approach.
  • Mapping sheet and Guidance notes, why map and what information do we need? This information will assist organizers in gathering the information needed to help plan their campaign.
  • Mapping workers, an example of the recording sheets used to map workers and identify leaders.
  • PS Industry Trends, simply a presentation on trends within the sectors and how they may affect our future planning.
  • Assessing leaders, a method for scoring and assessing potential leaders.

If you would like further information on any of these organising topics please contact us at UNI Property Services -- Joanna Katsoulas, Senior Organiser ( or Alice Dale, Head of Department ( Also check this site regularly (and the password protected affiliate site) for new organising materials.

Key documents