A new step towards Work Life Balance for European workers

4 April 2019 -- tom.myers.478

Today, 4 April, the Work Life Balance (WLB) Directive was passed in the European Parliament. The text was agreed in between the European Institutions in trialogue on 24 January 2019. The Directive makes a big difference for the modern workers and families by strengthening existing outdated as well as new rights on parental leave, paternity leave at the birth of a child, carers leave, flexible working arrangement.


UNI stands with Bangladeshi garment workers protesting harassment and unfair firings

29 March 2019 -- Richard Elliott

The Bangladeshi National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) led a rally through the streets of Dhaka on 29 March to demand the withdrawal of false charges against workers, the reinstatement of more than 11,000 workers, and an end to blacklisting activists from gaining new employment.

UNI Global Union stands with the as it struggles to advance the rights of the country’s ready-made garment workers.



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