West Africa Postal Unions Breaking Through with Successful Organising Campaigns

9 July 2018 -- Nigel.Flanagan

West African postal unions are celebrating successes in their recent organising campaigns. Unions in Niger, Cameroon, and Côte d’Ivoire who have received organising support and training from UNI have grown rapidly in size and power.

The unions firstly built up the number of trained activists, and then moved to worker issue-based campaigning. They have recruited nearly 600 new members as part of the training and support project, which was funded by the Canadian trade unions CUPW.


National Women’s Network launched in Argentina by FOECYT

3 July 2018 -- tom.myers.478

On Thursday June 28th, the National Women's Network was launched in a brand-new meeting room of the Federation of Workers and Employees of Posts and Telecommunications of Argentina, FOECYT. More than 60 women from all over the country met to consolidate the National Network which seeks to confront gender issues and lead the fight towards equality in trade union structures.



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