TransPacific Partnership agreement and other trade deals under public scrutiny as recent study shows damaging impacts on jobs

21 January 2016 -- elise.buckle

Today, the government of New Zealand confirmed TPP trade deal signing in Auckland on February 4th. Opponents are planning a protest on that day as a recent study reveals potential major impacts of TPP on job losses.



UNI demands Cencosud Peru treat its workers with respect

16 December 2015 -- Richard Elliott

UNI Global Union has written to Cencosud Peru condemning its anti-union practices towards workers and demanding management creates the conditions for workers to organise and collectively bargain. UNI also stated that Cencosud workers should be able to exercise their right to strike without fear of persecution.

UNI and its 20 million members stand in full solidarity with SUTRAGRUCEP, the Cencosud Group Workers' Union in Peru. The union has been trying for 20 months to reach an agreement with the company to improve working conditions.


COP21 Highlights and follow up plans for a just transition

15 December 2015 -- elise.buckle

Please find attached the UNI Global Union Report featuring key highlights of the two intense weeks of negotiations at COP21 and UNI Global Union’s plans to follow up on COP21 decision and Paris Agreement.

Many thanks to all of you for your support. The mobilization of civil society, UNI Global Union, ITUC and UNI affiliates around the world was key to the success of COP21.

You will find more information on the UNI climate page:  Twitter: #unions4climate.


Paris climate deal: what is in it ?

14 December 2015 -- elise.buckle

After two intense weeks of work at the COP21 climate summit in Le Bourget together with ITUC and 400 union delegates, UNI Global Union and the trade union team make a critical assessment of the Paris agreement.

The Paris agreement marks a major leap for human kind and the result of a compromise among 195 nations.

But what is in the text ? (see the full COP21 decision and Paris agreement text available on the UNFCCC website):



COP21: Fabius announced Paris agreement will be tabled for adoption on the 12th of december

11 December 2015 -- elise.buckle

Paris, 11th of December 2015.

The COP21 French Presidency presented a new draft agreement late at night on the 10th of december and Ministers worked all night to make progress on the agreement. The text was balanced with firms commitments to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C raising the ambition of the previous 2°C commitment and promising scaled up finance beyond 2020 using 100 billion US dollars a year as a floor for helping developing countries to reduce their emissions and adapt to climate change.


Unprecendented level of mobilization for climate justice inside COP21

9 December 2015 -- elise.buckle

Today in Paris, civil society organized a collective action urging Ministers to agree on an ambitious and binding climate deal for people and the planet. The global trade union movement including ITUC and UNI Global Union as well as NGOs such as Greenpeace, WWF, Friends of the Earth all joined the collective action as united front to ask for climate justice now and urging political leaders to make further progress in the climate negotiations.



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