Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP): time to mobilize public opinion and legislators to stop the race to the bottom

12 November 2015 -- elise.buckle

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement was signed by 12 countries on the 5th of October 2015 after a final 5 day long marathon of negotiations in Atlanta (US) (see UNI Global Union reactive statement on that day). The deal is between 12 countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the US, Vietnam, Chile, Brunei, Singapore and New Zealand.  If ratified, it would cover 40% of the world’s economy and set the foundation for trade in e-commerce, financial services, property rights, medicine and much more, impacting the lives of millions of workers. 


Paris climate agreement taking shape after a week of heated debate in Bonn

26 October 2015 -- elise.buckle

While Mexico was being hit by the strongest hurricane in history, negotiators finally managed to put the draft climate agreement back on track after a week of heated debate at the UNFCCC session in Bonn.


The draft agreement which was published on Friday October 26th late at night will be the basis for negotiation at the COP21 in Paris. It is being complemented by the workstream document on action before 2020.



UNFCCC talks in Bonn: the climate deal needs to be done with workers not without them

23 October 2015 -- elise.buckle

Bonn, 23 October 2015 – the last week of negotiations before COP21 in Paris has seen a heated debate between rich and poor countries and the weakening of the text for workers.

The language on “a just transition for workers and decent jobs” which was part of the second operational paragraph of the draft Paris agreement may now only figure in the preambule.


Join Colombian bank unions in an online protest today!

18 September 2020 -- tom.myers.478

UNI Global Union finance affiliates in Colombia are today calling for support for a virtual mobilization against BBVA bank.  

ACEB and UNEB unions are protesting against layoffs, branch closures, union-busting and a blanket Covid-19 protocol that determines whether or not workers are infected with coronavirus through a telephone assessment.  


Argentina extends care worker bonus for 90 days

17 September 2020 -- Richard Elliott

The tireless work of care workers in Argentina was once again recognized by the government.

In a press conference yesterday, Minister of Health Ginés González García was joined by UNI Americas President Héctor Dáer and Minister of Labor Claudio Moroni to announce a 90-day extension of the March executive decree that provided a pay bonus to 700,000 workers, both in the public and private care sectors.

The extension will benefit more care workers than the original, adding geriatrics, ambulance transfer employees, the primary health care sector and clinical analysists.


Paper, Packaging and Graphical unions team up on safety rights

17 September 2020 -- tom.myers.478

Trade union members on all continents are working together this month to promote health and safety in the pulp, paper, graphical and packaging industries, particularly emphasizing workers’ rights to participate in safety management on the job.

This is the third global action of the 3R campaign led by IndustriALL Global Union and UNI Global Union. Each centres around one of three core rights:

· Right to know about hazards at work

· Right to refuse, or to shut down, unsafe work

· Right to participate fully in health and safety decision-making


World Players dismayed and saddened by execution of Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari

12 September 2020 -- leonie.guguen

The World Players Association is deeply dismayed and saddened by the execution of champion wrestler, Navid Afkari, from Iran. 

Navid was sentenced to death after being tortured into making a false confession for the murder of a security agent during demonstrations in 2018.

Navid’s only ‘crime’ in the eyes of the Iranian regime was to peacefully protest against the government.

World Players Executive Director, Brendan Schwab, said:



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