Player unions denounce IOC Athletes’ Declaration

10 October 2018 -- Johannes.Herber

“The declaration constitutes an abject failure on the part of the IOC to effectively represent the best interests of athletes.” - Brendan Schwab, Executive Director, World Players Association.

The World Players Association today denounced the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) attempt, as a private organisation, to unilaterally redefine the internationally recognised human rights of the very people who sit at the heart of sport – the athletes.


Elections in Brazil: a call to regain democracy

5 October 2018 -- Carolina.Gonzalez


On October 7, Brazil will be choosing between two models: one that advocates social rights, workers and social peace, and the other that promotes intolerance, racism and machismo with a clear  action plan: continue with reforms that attack the working class and the most vulnerable population.

Despite the incarceration of Lula Da Silva, the most popular candidate for these elections, Marcio Monzane, Regional Secretary of UNI Americas, called on the Brazilian people to return to the path of democracy: "We call on everyone to recover Brazilian democracy", he said.



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