UNI Global Union condemns forced closure of ABS-CBN in the Philippines

17 July 2020 -- Richard Elliott

UNI Global Union condemns the Philippine government’s forced closure of the ABS-CBN television network. The global organization, representing 20 million workers in 150 countries, is fully supporting the potion of its Philippines Liaison Council (PLC), which previously denounced the government’s actions. These statements come soon after the House of Representatives denied the renewal ABS-CBN’s broadcast franchise.


UNI to Amazon: “It shouldn’t take a lawsuit for you to stop punishing workers for washing their hands”

17 July 2020 -- tom.myers.478

This week, Amazon workers in the United States won an important victory after the company made changes to  its insufficient COVID-19 safety policy following the lawsuit filed in June by three New York warehouse workers and three family members. The day before a scheduled court hearing to decide whether Amazon should be immediately forced to change its safety procedures, the company announced that time away from the job to wash hands would not be grounds for discipline. 


Commerce unions demand mandatory masks in shops

16 July 2020 -- tom.myers.478

From the United States to the United Kingdom, UNI Commerce affiliates are calling for mandatory mask wearing in retail stores to protect workers and customers from the coronavirus.

Wearing a mask and maintaining social distance in stores are important, necessary steps to keep workers and customers safe. However, too many customers still argue that they do not have to wear a mask because, in some jurisdictions, it is not legally obligatory.


G4S worker murdered in Colombia

16 July 2020 -- Carolina.Gonzalez

On July 3, a G4S employee providing services as a security officer was murdered in Cali, Colombia, a city known for its high crime rates. Members of the union UNTRAG4S held a rally to show of support for their former colleagues’ family and to demand that the company adopt the necessary security measures for its workers.


Trade unions demand Teleperformance Colombia rehire unfairly terminated leaders

15 July 2020 -- Carolina.Gonzalez

Two Colombian union leaders from the French contact centre company Teleperformance did not have their contracts renewed after founding a union in March 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fixed-term contracts were due to expire on July 23, but the company advised them not to work during the last four months of their contracts by removing the leaders from their workplaces.


New app for workers to fight wage theft

8 July 2020 -- leonie.guguen

A new app designed to combat wage theft and foster worker well-being has been launched on 7 July.

Developed in partnership with UNI Global Union, WeClock lets workers monitor the real hours they work, while keeping control over their data.

COVID-19 is placing growing demands on workers’ lives - demands that often go unpaid and unnoticed, increasing stress and workload. With WeClock, workers can self-track their working hours, breaks, commute times and how long they use work apps out of hours.


Global Ericsson alliance helps win first union contract in Israel

7 July 2020 -- leonie.guguen

Workers in Israel signed their first-ever collective bargaining agreement with Ericsson on 1 July, with assistance from UNI’s global trade union network at the Swedish multinational.

UNI affiliate, the Cellular, Internet and Hi-Tech Workers Union, successfully organized workers at Ericsson in early 2019, but subsequent negotiations with local management for a collective agreement stalled.


UNICARE African & Middle East affiliates plan for a post-COVID response

6 July 2020 -- Richard Elliott

UNICARE Africa affiliates from across Africa and the Middle East convened online to discuss a coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Care workers have faced similar issues as their global counterparts: dangerous working conditions, lack of access to personal protective equipment (PPE), and low staffing levels. Governments were slow to respond, and when they did, their responses were slow to hit the frontlines.


Global companies require global solidarity: Polish Teleperformance workers form a new union

6 July 2020 -- leonie.guguen

After more than a year of organizing, Teleperformance workers in Poland have formed a union-- Stronger Together in Teleperformance, part of the NSZZ "Solidarność" federation.

Workers at the Paris-based call centre giant cited promoting equality, a better work environment, and opportunities for career growth as central reasons for organizing.





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