The European Union has got no time to lose. Those deciding over EU policy following the European elections in May 2014 will have to take bold measures to end the crisis and to bring the millions of jobless Europeans back into quality employment. Yet if the EU wants to be serious about its commitment to social progress, it is not only the EU economy but Europeans’ quality of life, too, that needs a real boost. Europe relies on a strong services industry to make this happen, a services industry providing quality jobs for quality services.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are in a key position to set Europe back onto the path of sustainable growth and job creation. The UNI Europa Services Manifesto sets out a vision of a European services industry that, driven by fair competition in the single market, provides the quality services that a competitive and inclusive European Union depends on. With the Services Manifesto Pledge, UNI Europa gives EU policy-makers the opportunity to make their commitment to this vision visible. We, UNI Europa and its affiliated trade unions that jointly represent more than seven million workers in Europe, will be keen to work with those who are as serious about quality jobs for quality services as we are.

Want to understand what participants are supporting? - Check out the Services Manifesto Pledge Infographic here!


Our Supporters:


Eugen Freund, SPÖ, MEP (2014-19)

Evelyn Regner, SPÖ, MEP (2014-19)

Jörg Leichtfried, SPÖ, MEP (2014-19)

Josef Weidenholzer, SPÖ, MEP (2014-19)

Karin Kadenbach, SPÖ, MEP (2014-19)

Monika Vana, Grüne, MEP (2014-19)

Sascha Ernszt, SPÖ, Candidate (not elected)

Sylvia Reiss, SPÖ, Candidate (not elected)

Thomas Kattnig, SPÖ, Candidate (not elected)

Wolfgang Greif, SPÖ, Candidate (not elected)



Bart Staes, Groen, MEP (2014-19)

Claude Rolin, cdH, MEP (2014-19)

Ivo Belet, CD&V, MEP (2014-19)

Kathleen Van Brempt, SP.A, MEP (2014-19)

Marianne Thyssen, CD&V, MEP (2014-19)

Marie Arena, PS, MEP (2014-19)

Philippe Lamberts, Ecolo, MEP (2014-19)

Said El Khadraoui, SP.A, MEP (not elected)

Tim Joye, PVDA, Candidate (not elected)



Eila Aarnos, Vasemmistoliitto, Candidate (not elected)

Kaarin Taipale, SDP, Candidate (not elected)

Li Andersson, Vasemmistoliitto, Candidate (not elected)

Lisa Sounio-Ahtisaari, Kokoomus, Candidate (not elected)

Merja Kyllönen, Vasemmistoliitto, MEP (2014-19)

Miapetra Kumpula-Natri, SDP, MEP (2014-19)

Riitta Myller, SDP, Candidate (not elected)

Sirpa Pietikäinen, Kokoomus, MEP (2014-19)



Barbara Lochbihler, die Grünen, MEP (2014-19)

Birgit Sippel, SPD, MEP (2014-19)

Constanze Krehl, SPD, MEP (2014-19)

Cornelia Ernst, Die LINKE, MEP (2014-19)

Evelyne Gebhardt, SPD, MEP (2014-19)

Gabi Zimmer, Die LINKE, MEP (2014-19)

Ismail Ertug, SPD, MEP (2014-19)

Jo Leinen, SPD, MEP (2014-19)

Jutta Steinruck, SPD, MEP (2014-19)

Kertsin Westphal, SPD, MEP (2014-19)

Knut Fleckenstein, SPD, MEP (2014-19)

Norbert Neuser, SPD, MEP (2014-19)

Rebecca Harms, die Grünen, MEP (2014-19)

Reinhard Bütikofer, die Grünen, MEP (2014-19)EP

Sabine Lösing, Die LINKE, MEP (2014-19)

Ska Keller, die Grünen, MEP (2014-19)

Thomas Händel, die LINKE, MEP (2014-19)



Martina Anderson, Sinn Fein, MEP (2014-19)

Lynn Boylan, Sinn Fein, MEP (2014-19)

Matt Carthy, Sinn Fein, MEP (2014-19)

Nessa Childers, MEP (2014-19)

Liadh Ní Riada, Sinn Fein, MEP (2014-19)



Antonio Panzeri, PD, MEP (2014-19)



Florent Marcellesi, Primavera Europea, Candidate (not elected)

Javier Couso, Izquierda Plural, Candidate (not elected)

Lara Hernández, Izquierda Plural, Candidate (not elected)

Marina Albiol, Izquierda Plural, MEP (2014-19)

Paloma López, Izquierda Plural, MEP (2014-19)

Tasio Oliver, Izquierda Plural, Candidate (not elected)

Willy Meyer, Izquierda Plural, MEP (2014-19),



Anna Hedh, Socialdemokraterna, MEP (2014-19)

Frederick Federley, Centerpartiet, Candidate (not elected)

Johan Danielsson, Socialdemokraterna, Candidate (not elected)

Jytte Guteland, Socialdemokraterna, MEP (2014-19)

Olle Ludvigsson, Socialdemokraterna, MEP (2014-19)


The Netherlands

Agnes Jongerius, PvdA, MEP (2014-19)

Bas Eickhout, Groen Links, MEP (2014-19)

Dennis de Jong, SP, MEP (2014-19)

Niels Jongerius, SP, Candidate (not elected)

Jeroen Lenaers, CDA, MEP (2014-19)

Linda Voortman, Groen Links, Candidate (not elected)

Paul Tang, PvdA, MEP (2014-19)

Reinout Heijdra, Candidate, SP (not elected)


United Kingdom                              

Catherine Stihler, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)

David Martin, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)

Glenis Willmot, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)

James Watkins, Labour Party, Candidate (not elected)

Jayne Shotton, Labour Party, Candidate (not elected)

Judith Kirton-Darling, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)

Julie Ward, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)

Lucy Anderson, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)

Maggie Hughes, Labour Party, Candidate (not elected)

Paul Brannen, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)

Richard Corbett, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)

Sanchia Alasia, Labour Party, Candidate (not elected)

Theresa Griffin, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)

Mary Honeyball, Labour Party, MEP (2014-19)