Final Conference - Shaping the Future of Work in a Digitalised Services Industry through Social Dialogue

Type of meeting: 
16 November 2021 to 17 November 2021

Conference information:

During the conference we will discuss together the outcomes of the UNI Europa project on the future of work in the digitalized services industry (more details below). You will have the opportunity to learn from experts and discuss among European trade unionists regarding: (1) self-employment, (2) lifelong learning and skills, (3) restructuring

Project information:

From 2019-2020, UNI Europa has been running this key project on “Shaping the future of work in a digitalised services industry through social dialogue”. The objective of the project was to look in-depth at specific topics related to the future of work, and in particular as regards the impact on social dialogue and collective bargaining at national and European level. We aimed to identify current cutting-edge practices and thinking that can support social partners when developing their policies and approaches on three main topics: 1) self-employment; 2) skills; and 3) restructuring processes. The project is a further step in UNI Europa’s development of a forward-looking policy platform on how trade union action, industrial relations and public policy can lead to a fairer and more sustainable European services industry. It has played an essential part in the preparations for the recent UNI Europa Conference (April 2021).

Practical information

When? 16 November 2021: 09:30 - 16:30  & 17 November 2021: 09:30 - 13:00
Where? It will be a virtual meeting.
For whom? UNI affiliated trade union officials and union representatives

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