Equal Opportunities

The changing landscape in the workplace means that as unions we need to transform in order to be a true reflection of the needs and realities of our affiliates. For this reason, we want to provide each sector/group/region/affiliated unions with the necessary tools to adapt in order to face these new challenges.

This gender “take away” package has been designed with the purpose of helping the sectors/groups/regions/affiliated unions, include gender issues in their organizing campaigns as well as in their working agenda.

It includes basic information on the UNI Equal Opportunities Department (how we work, how we are structured and what we do) as well as all the material the Department has developed in terms of activities, programs and campaigns. 


What does it include?

1.     That's Why!

2.     Mentoring Program - Manual for Mentoring

3.     Break the Circle of Violence

4.     40for40

5.     Equal Pay

  • Booklets, Manuals and Guides

1.     Gender Equality: practical guide for delegates

2.     Tools for Equality: Trade union manual on international labour standards and equality of opportunities

3.     Equality in Union Culture: Practical Guide to Establish Equality Policies in Union Organization

4.     Equality in Union Culture:  Booklet on good practices in gender equality in union organizations