UNI Europa

The May 2014 European elections are a critical event for European services workers: Those who will be selected as the next EU leadership will take decisions that have a strong impact on the working conditions of the more than seven million services workers that we - UNI Europa - represent.

There are important decisions to take during the coming five years in order to improve working conditions and to protect the quality of the services that European citizens and businesses rely on. The EU needs a clear vision of what the services industry is able to contribute to competitiveness and quality of life in Europe to make the right choices.  

The UNI Europa Services Manifesto sets out such a vision and calls upon politicians competing in the European elections to commit to this vision. We put forward the argument that quality services are a matter of quality jobs in services and demand that the European Union follows this logic in its policy-making. Together with those who pledge to support us, we want to build a European services industry that creates quality jobs for the quality services that a competitive and inclusive European Union relies on. 

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