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UNI-Africa vertritt 760.000 Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmer in Fach- und Dienstleistungsberufen aus 168 Gewerkschaften in 36 afrikanischen Ländern. Wir sind Teil der 20 Millionen Mitglieder umfassenden UNI Global Union-Familie, der weltweit 900 Gewerkschaften in 140 Ländern angeschlossen sind.


UNI calls for zero tolerance towards violence against women

7 März 2013 -- Michael Hollingdale

On March 5-15, 2013, UNI Global Union joins other trade union women to actively participate at the UNCSW57 that takes place in New York. Veronica Fernandez Mendez, head of UNI Equal Opportunities department, explain the importance of such meeting: why and how UNI seeks to influence the global agenda on women.

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Including You

26 November 2012 -- Michael Hollingdale

Support the UNI Global Union to grow its power and influence to improve the lives of working people. This global campaign aims at achieving economic and social change by "Including You" in the life of UNI GLobal Union, in the national political discussion, in sharing the benefits of economic growth, in proper welfare provision, from education to health; in collective bargaining and decent work provision.

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