UNI Europa & Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung - Brussels trainings for trade unions in Central Eastern Europe and Southeast Europe

28 September 2021

UNI Europa has numerous trade union affiliates and partner organisations in Central Eastern Europe and Southeast Europe, who have been developing innovative approaches to represent and build unions among services workers. Unfortunately, such trainings often take place in English rather than trade unionists’ mother tongues. That is why this training offers simultaneous interpretation in numerous languages from the CEE/SEE region.
These interactive trainings will provide an unique opportunity to a new generation of trade unionists, worker representatives and worker activists to deepen their skills and expertise in three different areas.
Participants are encouraged to participate in all three sessions.

The first session (31/08) will help participants to develop their research skills, analyse a sector, businesses within it, its operations and identify opportunities for workers and trade unions to build associational and structural power. Mark Bergfeld, Director Property Services & UNICARE will be teaching this session. We also will hear from different researchers who have been involved in projects in the region.

The second session (28/09) will acquaint participants with some social media and media tools that can help to advance their unions’ work on a day-to-day basis. The session will also dive into political and union messaging and framing. Theo Morrissey, Director Communications and Jelena Milos, Project Coordinator Property Services & UNICARE will be leading this session. We will also hear about successful uses of social media from unions in CEE and SEE.

The third session (26/10) will introduce participants to comprehensive campaigns, how to design and implement them. Such comprehensive campaigns have been particularly successful in low-union density companies and sectors and have helped global unions like UNI Global Union to win global framework agreements. We will hear about past successful comprehensive campaigns and on-going examples.

The objectives of these training workshops is that trade unionists, worker representatives and workplace activists are equipped with a tool box of different methods.
With these online trainings, UNI Europa aims to:
• Assist UNI affiliates and partner organizations to engage in capacity-building and transform their unions
• Assist UNI affiliates and partner organizations to draw up targeted renewal plans
• Provide a learning exchange between different union campaigns in the region
• Enhance unions’ ability to collectively bargain across the services sectors

Target Groups
• Trade union representatives, services workers, UNI affiliates and invited UNI partners from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia etc.

Dates & Topics
• Tuesday 31 August, 3pm – 6pm CET – Research Skills to Build Union Power
• Tuesday 28 September, 3pm – 6pm CET – Social Media Tools and Messaging for Unions
• Tuesday 26 October, 3pm – 6pm CET – Developing Comprehensive Campaigns in Low-Density Companies and Sectors

English, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Romanian

More information
For more information on the content, please contact Mark Bergfeld mark.bergfeld@uniglobalunion.org

To register
Please register with Vicente.garcia@uniglobalunion.org. Please indicate which sessions you will be participating in. Participants are encouraged to participate in all sessions.