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UNI Europa: building a better Europe

The European Union brings about the development of a single labour market. Trade unions need to cooperate to promote a socially oriented Europe, raise standards and protect members.

Companies increasingly operate across borders using new technologies. To respond to this rapidly changing environment, trade unions are working together to consolidate a European approach.

Who We Are
UNI Europa is the European trade union federation for 7 million service workers in sectors that constitute the backbone of economic and social life in Europe.

Headquartered in the heart of Brussels, UNI Europa represents 272 national trade unions in 50 countries, including: Commerce, Financial Services, Gaming, Graphical and Packaging, Hair and Beauty, Information Technologies and Communication, Media, Entertainment and Arts, Postal Services and Logistics, Private Care and Social Insurance, Property Services: Industrial Cleaning and Private Security, Professional Sport and Leisure and Temporary Agency Workers.

Our structure

UNI Europa is part of UNI Global Union whose headquarters are in Nyon (Switzerland). UNI Europa is based in Brussels.

UNI Europa is organised by sector and regions. Each sector and region is directly represented on the Executive Committee. UNI europa’s regional conference takes place every four years.

UNI Europa is a member of the European Trade Union Confederation.

How do we work?

Social dialogue for democracy: European integration demands a Europe-wide system of industrial relations. Sectoral social dialogue committees have been set up in 10 different UNI Europa sectors. UNI Europa aims to strengthen the social dialogue in sectors where it already exists and to establish sectoral social dialogue where it does not.

There are over 800 European Works Councils in operation, with 14.5 million employees. Around 200 of them are wholly or jointly coordinated by UNI Europa. UNI Europa also supports and guides workers European Companies (SE).

UNI Europa is helping to build union solidarity among the many workers employed by multinational companies in different countries.

Monitoring European legislation: UNI Europa produces a Legislative Report keeping affiliates up-to-date with important EU initiatives.

UNI Europa is active in developing and carrying out European projects, many co-funded by the European Union.

UNI Europa supports the activities and priorities of its national affiliates and helps to promote them at European level. It creates a forum for affiliated unions to exchange their national experiences and to learn from one another.

UNI Europa is ready to take direct action when it becomes the only way to defend workers interests!

UNI Europa priorities in a European services economy


  • In trade unions for democracy, good jobs and social dialogue.
  • To give union protection to more workers in more companies in more countries.
  • To win global agreements with European companies for workers rights everywhere.

Win good jobs:

  • Supported by an EU social contract and strong public services.
  • In a fair internal market, with common rules and financial transparency.
  • With social laws, employment protection and equal treatment.

Coordinate for strength through:

  • Common collective bargaining objectives.
  • Joint actions to implement our decisions.
  • Networking in European and global companies.


Executive Committee
Management Committee

Miscellaneous Documents

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