UNI General Secretary to La Cote: “It’s time to redefine the social contract for the new world of work”

19 October 2017 -- tom.myers.478

UNI General Secretary Philip Jennings was the subject of an extensive interview with Swiss newspaper La Cote on the digital revolution and its challenges. Speaking to journalist Didier Sandoz, Jennings urged caution and serious reflection on the possible developments in the future world of work. 


UNI World Executive Board Condemns Attacks on the Rights of Brazilian Workers

11 October 2017 -- tom.myers.478

UNI Global Union, the Global Union Federation that represents more than 20 million workers in the services sector and close to 900 trade unions around the world, expresses its solidarity with its Brazilian brothers and sisters and condemns once again the dismantling of the welfare state resulting from the adoption of the labour and social security reform imposed by the federal government.



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