European Parliament approves measures to increase transparency on workers' terms and conditions in parcel delivery

25 October 2017 -- UNI.Europa.2017

The adopted report will ensure that when consumers order goods from another EU country they must have detailed information on prices being charged to them and the choices available, such as different delivery companies or refusing to accept a parcel being left outside unattended when you are not at home. Consumers would also get information about complaints processes available to them.


UNI GS Joins ITUC in Criticizing Attempts to Undermine UN Treaty on Multinational Companies

25 October 2017 -- Richard Elliott

The ITUC has criticised business representatives in a UN Conference in Geneva this week for trying to block progress towards a UN treaty which would bring the international operations of multinational companies under the rule of law.  The meeting, organised by the UN's human rights office is working on the elements of the proposed "international instrument to regulate, in international human rights law, the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises."


UNI General Secretary to La Cote: “It’s time to redefine the social contract for the new world of work”

19 October 2017 -- tom.myers.478

UNI General Secretary Philip Jennings was the subject of an extensive interview with Swiss newspaper La Cote on the digital revolution and its challenges. Speaking to journalist Didier Sandoz, Jennings urged caution and serious reflection on the possible developments in the future world of work. 



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