UNI tells app company Handy to clean up their act

16 November 2017 -- tom.myers.478

After a disgruntled customer took to Twitter to issue a complaint about the behaviour of American cleaning app, Handy, UNI Global Union added its voice to growing concerns about lack of responsibility for online apps.


Polly Mackenzie, who uses the Handy app for cleaning services, was informed that her cleaner was ill and hoped to simply reschedule the appointment. However, when she tried to do so, she found that the had been blocked from working for Mackenzie again. In addition to this punitive measure, the cleaner was reinstated but docked £25.



UNI Global Union and World Players Association welcomes moves to abolish Kafala system and end modern slavery in Qatar

10 November 2017 -- Johannes.Herber

 The Qatari government announced that it will abolish the Kafala system—an oppressive labour sponsorship program for workers primarily in construction and domestic work. Many of the workers building stadiums for Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup were employed through this system. Global labour leaders and rights advocates have the following response:

“UNI Global Union and the World Players Association welcome moves by the Qatari government to dismantle the Kafala system and end modern slavery,” UNI Global Union General Secretary Philip Jennings said today.


European Parliament approves measures to increase transparency on workers' terms and conditions in parcel delivery

25 October 2017 -- UNI.Europa.2017

The adopted report will ensure that when consumers order goods from another EU country they must have detailed information on prices being charged to them and the choices available, such as different delivery companies or refusing to accept a parcel being left outside unattended when you are not at home. Consumers would also get information about complaints processes available to them.



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