SITT gains recognition in Atos Romania

14 August 2017 -- uni-icts

On August 10, the Romanian IT union SITT (Sindicatul IT Timisoara) received official recognition from the Romanian authorities as the legal representative of workers in Atos Romania, which has more than 2,000 employees in the country. Per Romanian labor law, a union must represent at least 50% +1 of the membership to be recognized and to bargain collectively with the employer.


Launch of Banking Union Campaign in Palestine

14 August 2017 -- Nigel.Flanagan

Over 20 trade union activists have spent 3 days in Amman, Jordan on intensive Organising Workshops with UNI staff from the SCORE Organising and Finance sectors. Despite attendance difficulties caused by delays at the security checkpoints between Palestine and Jordan, it was an extremely enthusiastic and succesful event. The National Trade Union of Banks and Insurance has produced and agreed its own Organisng campaign plan with the support of UNI Finance and UNI SCORE.


A New Collective Agreement Dramatically Improves the Employment Conditions of Engineers, Practical Engineers, Technicians and Lab Technicians in the Local Authorities

8 August 2017 -- tom.myers.478

The agreement, which was signed between the Histadrut and the heads of the Local Authorities, significantly improves the employment conditions of many workers who are currently in need of an income supplement - despite their vital role in the continuous operation of the economy


TiSA - Foul Play

14 July 2017 -- tom.myers.478

One of the world's leading trade lawyers has written this report for UNI on the implications of TiSA on workers, democracy and UNIs sectors. The conclusions point in 1 direction: TiSA must be stopped!



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