GUFs demand freedom for Lula

27 April 2018 -- tom.myers.478

Book-ending a week of actions across the world, UNI Global Union and its sister global union IndustriALL, took a letter of protest to the Brazilian consulate in Geneva, ending a week of protest which is set to continue until Lula is set free. At the beginning of the week, Belgian and international trade unions have demanded the immediate release from prison of former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


UNI Resolutions Committee gets together in preparation for World Congress in Liverpool

26 April 2018 -- tom.myers.478

ollowing the meeting of the Management Committee, UNI hosted the Resolutions Committee in preparation for the World Congress in Liverpool. The Resolutions Committee reviews all motions and amendments to these motions submitted by affiliates and makes recommendations, how all of these can be integrated.

The chair of the Resolutions Committee, Trevor Johnson of BIGWU (Trinidad&Tobago) will present these recommendations to Congress for adoption.


Call to ‘take a stand’ for workers

23 April 2018 -- tom.myers.478

More than 1000 people died in Bangladesh’s worst industrial accident when the eight-storey Rana Plaza garment factory near Dhaka collapsed in 2013. Many of the workers, aware that the factory was unsafe, had gone on strike in protest but had returned to the ill-fated building because they had been given an ultimatum to come back to work or lose their jobs.



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