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UNICARE es el sindicato global para el sector de seguro social y atención de salud. Representamos a 480,000 trabajadores y trabajadoras en 78 sindicatos del mundo entero.

The social insurance sector is faced with both external challenges - e.g. aging population, growth of atypical employment, pressure for "private" solutions; and internal, e.g. new technology, less hiring of new workers (aging workforce).

The sector is far from homogenous between countries, but increasingly it is being externally affected by decisions made centrally. Although many key decisions concerning legislation and changes to social insurance systems are taken without input from the employees in the sector, it is nevertheless helpful for affiliates to be informed in advance of developments.

The overriding issue in virtually every country globally is the future of pension systems. For some time to come, pension reform will be the key issue. The task of governments and policy makers will be to establish equitable solutions for their citizens.