About COZZ

The Central European Organizing Center (COZZ) is a foundation which was established in Poland after the adoption of the resolution on organizing at the 4th UNI Europa Conference in Rome. The “Changing Europe by Growing Unions” resolution stated:

“Organizing activities in Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey” are one of strategic priorities and at the conference in Rome UNI Europa – its sectors, groups and affiliates – have committed to: 1) increasing support for existing organizing initiatives and investigating the opportunities to develop new ones in Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey; 2) creating a Central European Organizing Centre in cooperation with other European trade union federations and interested unions”.

About the COZZ Mission

COZZ was created as a united effort by the European trade union movement to strengthen the organizing and revitalization of trade unions in Central Europe.

COZZ is one of the most ambitious and boldest projects of its kind and aims to be a role model for others.

At COZZ, we stand for honesty, mutual respect for each other, and respect for diversity in all walks of life. 

COZZ continues to work closely with UNI Europa’s sectors to help affiliates grow their structures, membership and capacity for organizing. We seek to grow union power and  to improve working and living conditions through collective bargaining.

‘For us, working at COZZ is a great opportunity to contribute to strengthening social justice and improving the working and living conditions of thousands of workers and their families!

If you are passionate about organizing and growth of trade unions in Central Europe – we want to hear from you!’ Rafal Tomasiak, Director of COZZ