UNI SCORE (Strategic Campaigns, Organising, Research and Education) is the department supporting UNI campaigns and organising work around the world.

UNI SCORE ensures our Breaking Through Strategic Plan is being implemented in every sector and region around the world.  All sectors have adopted strategic plans and developed work plans which aim to develop organising capacity, build strength within global companies and grow unions in the sector. UNI SCORE works with sectors and regions to develop and manage the comprehensive corporate and organising campaigns that are at the heart of that Breaking Through Strategy.

UNI SCORE is focusing on campaigns to organise workers at some of the world’s biggest multinationals across the globe. Resources from the UNI Global Union Organising Fund are administered and managed by UNI SCORE and are being used to assist UNI’s efforts to organise in global companies and support the organising initiatives of our affiliates.

As part of UNI SCORE's support of corporate and organising campaigns, UNI SCORE runs regular Organising Forums to share best practices and build organising expertise among UNI affiliates, as well as arranging for research and managing the strategic planning for campaigns.UNI SCORE arranges training for union leaders on developing strategic campaigns and training for organisers and shop stewards on organising techniques.

UNI SCORE Senior Organisers help affiliates to manage, develop and implement their organising campaigns and SCORE's Project Managers help develop projects and administer the funds that are necessary to support comprehensive campaigns.

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